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J. Richard Watson Construction client testimonials

It is often said the true measure of a Master Custom Builder can be found in what their prior clients say about their building experience.  We strongly believe this and urge you to speak directly to our homeowners.  More importantly, ask them if they would hire us again!  Many of our clients have returned to build a second and even third time.

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“Wendy and I continue to count our lucky stars for selecting your team to build our new home in Turtle Creek.  The move from California to Florida was tough enough and the last thing we needed was a house building hassle.  I think you’re aware that several of my peers at Disney also built in Turtle Creek.  I kept hearing horror stories about their experiences and I simply had nothing to relate to.  Our experience was enjoyable and I truly believe that was a function of the team that surrounds you… I look at our home and it’s obvious the quality of workmanship and conveniences are a cut above the rest.  Since moving in, we have found the home to be exceptionally energy efficient and when things need fixing, your team has been there to take care of business.  This isn’t a statement my peers can make!  Rick, I can’t say enough good things about our experience with your company.  We wouldn’t hesitate a moment to go through the whole thing again as long as the Watson team is building our home!”

Karl L. & Wendy Holz
Keene’s Pointe – Windermere Florida


“On behalf of our family, we would like to thank you for our home.  Your dedication to the quality of each home you build is exemplified by you, your staff and every skilled worker that is involved in the building process….You and your staff made, what most would consider a potentially nerve racking experience, into one of the most enjoyable experiences we have ever had….There was never a decision we made regarding our house that you did not clearly explain to us.  We never felt like we could not ask the most basic of questions or that you did not answer with patience and understanding.  You build a home like it is your home.  The high quality of your materials and your attention to detail alleviates the fear of receiving an inferior product.  This patience and professional attitude extends throughout your staff…Of all the decisions we made during the project, our first was always our best, selecting you as our builder”

Dr. Michael & Kim Rivers


“My family is in the process of having ‘J. Richard Watson Construction Company’ build our home [for the second time]. We have been extremely satisfied with the quality of workmanship, client dedication, and the high integrity level maintained by this firm.  It is a pleasure to share my perspective regarding their qualifications and I wish them every possible success.”

Michael D. Cavinder
General Elevator Sales & Service, Inc.


“ On behalf of Mike and myself, I would like to express our sincere thanks for building our wonderful home.  We get lots of compliments on it and are enjoying it very much during the baseball off-season.  We are truly happy with the construction and especially pleased with the beautiful trim work.  Several builder friends of ours have commented on the quality of construction.  You have been very timely and professional in granting all our requests for follow up service, even after the standard ‘warranty period’.  We had never built a custom home before and were a little worried since neither of us is very knowledgeable about the contracting business.  But I felt very comfortable with you and Mike and felt that you were giving us the best possible quality for the best price.  I certainly would consider building another home with you in the future.  I think that says the most about J. Richard Watson Construction, and the people behind the business. We wish you continued success and would gladly recommend you to family, friends, or anyone interested in acquiring an excellent contractor.”

Erin & Mike Stanley


“My wife and I moved to Orlando in 2003.  We looked for a quality builder with a long-standing pristine reputation for quality construction and post construction support.  Over the long period of construction (House 15,000 sq. ft. under roof), Rick Watson and all his team were at all times responsive, polite and professional.  Rick himself is hands on, always available and demands quality and perfection in both the visual and non-visual aspects of his project.  His continual site visits ensured every phase of the project met with his high standards of excellence. In the six years of living in our J. Richard Watson constructed home, Rick has stayed in touch, regularly enquiring about the condition of our home and affirming his commitment to after sales support.  Fortunately, we have not had to take him up on his commitment.  In summary, we could not be more satisfied with our J. Richard Watson House and we would highly recommend the Watson team to anyone wanting to build a quality custom home.”

P.L. & J.L. Carter


“Yvonne & I wanted to say ‘thank you’; to you and your team for your excellence in building our home, from beginning to end, it was a happy experience, and we could not be more delighted.  This is the first house we have had built, and I recall the advice and comments we received from well meaning friends, many providing warnings as to the stress and strain of such a large, custom, project, and list of what potential disasters lay ahead was long. I don’t know who their builders were, but I do know that we found the whole experience to be smooth and enjoyable.  Great guys, great workmanship, great result…Any time we’ve needed information or help, we’ve always had a quick response.  You don’t build houses, you build homes.”

Bill and Yvonne Basten
American Computer Aided Engineering


"Having to balance the needs of family, patients, two medical practices and the construction of our lakefront home in Lake Butler Sound seemed, at first, would be a daunting task.  However, Rick Watson and the JRW staff took care of all the details allowing us to concentrate on what was most important to us.  We have had J. Richard Watson Construction build our last two homes, and we would recommend them to anyone who wants a luxury custom home with no surprises."

Drs. Vinicio and Aparna Hernandez, M.D.


“When we decided to build our third home, we were somewhat hesitant because of negative experiences with previous builders.  This led us to seek the builder with the best reputation.  As parents of three girls, one of our main concerns was to blend beauty with functionality.  We wanted a home that was not only charming but that also facilitated the everyday battle of raising three children.  On our first meeting with Mr. Watson and his team, they were able to extrapolate our ideas and paint a mental picture of what our home was going to be, we kept that idea vibrantly through the building journey. The staff was extremely helpful through the entire process.  They were able to disambiguate the complexities that entail the innumerous details of creating our ideal residence.  Karen Rhodes seamlessly orchestrated the many moving parts of bringing to reality our mental image, and Paul Water’s attention to detail perfected the outcome.  As we enjoy our home, we appreciate the exceptional quality of workmanship, the custom features that fit our lifestyle and most importantly Watson’s commitment to stand behind his work.  Best of all, our dream came gratuitously furnished with a friendship, that added the Watsons as part of our family.  It is said that perfection is a function of teamwork and we would like to thank the entire staff for making our vision a reality.”

Cesar & Millie Ramirez
Orange City Food Corp.


“As you know, Trish and I interviewed many custom home builders and we also looked at quite a few homes on the resale market before selecting your company to build our house.  After meeting with you, our decision was easy.  Without question, you offer the best quality at the best price, period!  You made the entire process stress free.  Every one of your subcontractors is not only professionals at their trade but are courteous and friendly people.  I don’t normally send letters like this, but I had to let you know how pleased we are with the finished product.  It’s better than we hoped for.  A lot of people promise great, but deliver good.  You promise good and deliver great!  Thank you for the attention to detail on our home.  Give my best to your team!”

Ken Henke
Marriott Vacation Ownership
Resort Division


“We just wanted to take a little time and thank you for building us such a beautiful home. From the first time we meet you, until the day we walked through the front door, the whole experience has been great.  You really took the time to make what can be a laborious and stressful experience a true joy.  This is the first home that Wendy and I have built, and we hope to live in it for a long time.  However, if we were ever going to build again, we would definitely want you to build for us.  One thing that really stood out with us was your reputation.  Everyone we worked with, whether it was the carpet, tile, plumbing, framers, landscapers, etc. had nothing but good things to say about you.  That really put us at ease.  A good reputation is hard to come by and easy to lose.  Your good reputation shows throughout our home.  The quality and care of the work has come through in every phase.  We are very pleased with how things turned out.  It is exactly what we wanted.  It’s very obvious to us that your reputation is important, and you go to great lengths to uphold it.  We commend you for that. We also know that being a quality homebuilder is something that takes more than one person.  You have a great support system with everyone in your office as well as on the job site…..  All of our questions and concerns were handled in a very professional and timely manner.  They went to great lengths to handle and care about even the smallest of details…We know that good help is hard to come by.  You should be proud of the help you have, which you are.  We notice that you take the time to treat the people who work for you right and it is returned by the quality of work they put into your homes….Wendy and I consider you our friends.  We thank you for a job well done, and a job you should be very proud of."

Scott and Wendy Mitchell


“It has been a little over a year now, since we built our dream home with you.  As we reflect back over the process, we have nothing but praise for your high quality of work, your integrity, and your attentiveness to our concerns.  Working with you and Mike has been a delight.  So many of our friends have complained about their experiences in building a home; inflated costs, delays and requests that go unfulfilled.  Our experience with your team surpassed our expectations.  Our home was completed by our target move in date.  Our costs were clear as outlined at the start, and all of our requests were met with your customary helpful and willing attitude.  We now have a beautiful home of the finest quality.  We would recommend Rick Watson to anyone looking for the finest builder in Orlando.” 

Howard H. Smith
Nickelodeon Studios


“I am writing this letter to thank you for serving as the general contractor for our house.  After our initial interview with you, I told Mary, ‘That is an honest man’.  My first impression had never been proven to be wrong.  As you know, our building project was complicated by the fact we were still living in Minnesota during both the planning and construction stages.   I appreciate every effort you made to smooth the process and to match your schedule with our trips to Orlando….I always felt as if I was treated fairly and with my best interests in the forefront.  Before construction began, you told us that when everything was completed, we would be friends.  I am so glad that has been proven true.  We have both a new house and a new friend.”         

Ray Kloepper II, M.D.


“On behalf of Andy, Blake, Zane and myself, we want to thank you for being ‘first class’ custom builders.  Our new home is all that we could have hoped for and more. Your quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail, honesty, fairness and professionalism has made our dream home a reality.  You are easy to work with, make good on promises and fix little problems when they occur.  We had heard a lot of horror stories about building a house, we even have our own stories from the building adventure of our first home, but, you were professional in every way…You have given us great service before, during and after the sale.  We are completely satisfied.”                                             

Rick Taylor
Manager of Talent Resources
Walt Disney World


“We have been in our new home for four weeks.  Boxes are unpacked and pictures are starting to find places on our walls.  We are now finally able to breathe more easily and collect our thoughts about the experience.  We are thrilled with the house!  It is absolutely beautiful!  As you know, we took two years to plan it and all the care and patience you displayed during that period certainly paid off for us.  You and Rick Bradshaw worked with us to create a design that is uniquely the Osbornes, fitting well our lifestyle and interests. We got what we wanted…and more!  We have designed and built a home one other time, so we have a solid understanding of the difference a professional, experienced staff can bring to the building process.  Your team is topnotch, Rick.  All have a clear understanding of your quality and service standards, and each performed his or her part very well….Rick, you and your Watson Construction team have our deepest gratitude for the success of our building project.  We have a spectacular, quality home thanks to you and the team.”                                                  

Bill, Terry and Casey Osborne
William G. Osborne, P.A.


“I finally got some time off to see the house you built for us.  Great, fabulous do not do justice- it’s rare in today’s world to say you and your crew absolutely exceeded all my expectations.  Building a house long distance, (us in San Francisco, you in Orlando), made me nervous but this experience was the best, easiest and most satisfying I’ve ever been through in five moves.  I can’t wait for February so I’m there all the time.  If we can do anything to communicate our experience to your prospective clients, please don’t hesitate to call us.”

Charles J. Lynch
Sr. V.P. & Chief Financial Officer
Mervyn’s California


“We have been in our new home for four weeks.  Boxes are unpacked and pictures are starting to find places on our walls.  We are now finally able to breathe more easily and collect our thoughts about the experience.  We are thrilled with the house!  It is absolutely beautiful!  As you know, we took two years to plan it and all the care and patience you displayed during that period certainly paid off for us.  You and Rick Bradshaw worked with us to create a design that is uniquely the Osbornes, fitting well our lifestyle and interests. We got what we wanted…and more!  We have designed and built a home one other time, so we have a solid understanding of the difference a professional, experienced staff can bring to the building process.  Your team is topnotch, Rick.  All have a clear understanding of your quality and service standards, and each performed his or her part very well….Rick, you and your Watson Construction team have our deepest gratitude for the success of our building project.  We have a spectacular, quality home thanks to you and the team.”                                      

Bill, Terry and Casey Osborne
William G. Osborne, P.A.


“Vicki and I would like to thank you for turning our dream house into a reality.  From the beginning of the project everyone warned us what a nightmare building can be.  Nothing could have been further from the truth.  From our first meeting everything went according to plan.  You and your staff were always professional and knew how to make us feel at ease.  You answered our every question and never made us feel rushed in spite of your busy schedule.  Without exception, every supplier and subcontractor told us we had the best builder in town.  The quality of construction is exceptional and exceeded our expectations.  We have lived in our home four months now and absolutely love it.  Your organization continues to impress us with your follow up on any small item that may arise.”

Dr. Greg & Vicki Logsdon


“Thank you for the excellent job you did on the construction of our new house.  We are very pleased with both the quality of the materials you used and the quality of work provided by you and your company.  Beyond the wood, cement and labor, however, we have been particularly impressed with the integrity and friendly professionalism of you and all your workers.  I will be happy to recommend J. Richard Watson Construction without reservation to friends and associates in need of your services.  I will also contact you if and when I have construction projects in the future.  Again, thank you for helping to make our house a home that we can enjoy for many years to come.  Having you build our home has been one of the highlights of our lives.”

Ronald J. Peri
Support Systems International


“It’s been just over six months since Joyce and I moved into the home you designed and built for us and I wanted to express our appreciation to you and your team for the truly outstanding job you did.  From our initial meetings with you, through the paperwork stage, then the construction period and now the post-sale service phase, all of our expectations have been met or exceeded.  The design effectively and efficiently captured our (sometimes changing) requirements.  The quality of workmanship was first class and you did an extraordinary job supervising all aspects of the job on site and ensured the project was completed on time. Working on ‘punch list’ type items has been a pleasure due to your responsiveness and thoroughness.      Particularly impressive, Rick, was the complete trust we were able to place in your statements and assurances to us since you always delivered on everything you said to us. In all, a rewarding experience- one which led us to recommend you to the Myers (leading to what will soon be their new J. Richard Watson Construction Company home), as we would for others considering doing business with you.”                                   

Chris Demain


“My wife and I would like to put in writing how much we enjoy the new home you built for us.  Even though we bought it before completion, it was turned over to us in a fully decorated manner that exceeded our expectations.  The expert choice of fabrics and colors really enhanced the ‘look’ of our home. Shortly after we moved in, Central Florida experienced a couple of bad hail and rainstorms.  While several of our neighbors suffered leakage and window problems, we were untouched.  That certainly speaks well of the integrity of the building, as well as how it was planned… All in all, we can say we are more than just satisfied, and we have recommended your firm to friends and acquaintances.”

Edmond de Forest


“You built our home for us in 1990, which means that we have lived in our house for nine years now.  We just had our exterior painted for the first time and I want to share with you something that we were told each time we got a bid.  What we heard over and over again was how well the house was constructed and how there weren’t any cracks in the foundation and how rare it was to find a home in such good condition.” I know that you get many letters from people who have moved into your house and are grateful (in fact we were one of them) but we thought that we should let you know that after living in our house for so many years, we are even more appreciative of the quality that you put into your homes.  Over the years, we have called the office for questions and help and each time, everyone has been so pleasant and accommodating.  We continue today, to use many of the same subs that worked on our house, and still work for you with pride. It makes us smile when we look in the real-estate section of the newspaper and see your name attached to a re-sale house.  It’s true, the name JRW, spells quality.  I am sure that we will discover this when we put our house on the market but……….we are never moving!”

Andy Bamberger


“Carol and I want to thank you for making the building of our new home such a great experience.  Your professionalism and courtesy has been well above anything we could have expected.  Your office staff has been extremely helpful and your subcontractors have shown unusual ability as well as a willingness to do everything ‘right’...  Rick, we are truly thrilled with our new home.  It actually turned out better than we imagined, and we know that is because of your expertise, your commitment to building a ‘first class’ custom home, and particularly your sense of fairness.  It has been a real pleasure knowing you as a person.  Rest assured that we have already recommended you as a builder to a number of people and will continue to do so.  Thank you again for all you have done.  Our best to Cassaundra.  Hope to see you both in the near future.”

Robert H. Shear, MD


“As we talk to different people, we can truly say that in selecting you and your firm, we truly selected the very best homebuilder in the area. It has indeed been a pleasure working with you and I will continue to look to you as not only a builder, but also a true and valued friend.  Please feel free to have anyone call me at any time with questions that they may have in selecting a builder and we can certainly put their mind at ease.”

A.L. Maddox, President
Southeast Imaging Systems, Inc.


“As Jana, Lauren and I reach the third anniversary of moving into our beautiful home, I wanted you and Cassaundra to know how much we continue to enjoy it every day.  I cannot tell you how many times people are blown away when we host them here.  I think the thing that I appreciate the most was the time and effort you took every step of the way, from planning through construction, to ensure we were satisfied and then some.  In terms of exceeding expectations, Rick, you and the entire team at Watson were and continue to be over the top.  We have the home we always dreamed of and I want to thank you again for making it all possible.  The beauty of this is that it’s all possible over and over again each and every day.  Thanks again, Rick and all the best to you and Cassaundra in the days and years ahead.”

Phil Lengyel
Vice President
Walt Disney Attractions


“Talk about being impressed!  Keep in mind that I have been dealing with contractors and crews out here in L.A. for five years, and no one holds a candle to you and Mike…Being three thousand miles away was a concern at one time, but not anymore.  You have certainly proven that ‘letting the pros’ do the work is a successful strategy.  I trust your opinion and judgment and what you have done so far substantiates that claim.  I could go on and on, but the underlying message is ‘thank you’… Hopefully, there will be more houses down the line!”

David E. Kassel
Detail Creative Services, Inc.


“Thank you very much for building us a house that we can truly call our ‘dream house’.  In every corner we can see the quality of your work.  Nina and I have received so many compliments from our neighbors and friends, that it makes us feel very proud.  You came to us very highly recommend and you have more than lived up to those accolades.  In a world where so many businesses are run on a basis of doing just enough to get by, it has been wonderful to deal with people who are honest, straightforward and who take pride in their work.  It’s also been a lot of fun working with you!  Thanks again for building us a house that is not only beautiful, but one we know will last long enough to make all our ‘dreams’ come true!

Andy Bamberger
V.P. of Production
Nickelodeon Studios


“Maryann and I cannot say enough about you and all the members of your team.  We have and will continue to recommend you to people that are looking to build a home.  I put it in very simple terms ‘If you go with a contractor other than Rick Watson, you’ll be making a mistake.’ If and when that time comes for us to build a new home, you can be sure that we will be contracting with you.  If any of your clients want to speak to someone that has built a home with you, feel free to put them in touch with us.”

Tim Seaman
Director of Human Resources
Ogden Martin Systems, Inc.


“It’s five years this May since we moved into our new home and we are as satisfied today as the day we moved in.  Following a prior very unpleasant building experience, my wife and I were reluctant about building again.  It became evident in the early phase of our home building experience with J. Richard Watson Construction Company that our apprehension was unwarranted.  In addition to the high standard of quality maintained throughout the prompt construction process, we greatly appreciated your integrity and sincere concern for our interests.  We enjoyed doing business with you and would not hesitate for one moment to do it again.”

Larry Fusan
Project Manager
S.I. Goldman Company


“As a patron of the J. Richard Watson Construction Company I was very pleased with the manner in which they for took the building of my place of abode.  The company’s professional character was ubiquitous among the entire staff.  They never hesitated to render assistance in every aspect of the home building process, from choosing the lot and raising the edifice, to the minute details of painting and molding.  The company’s strive for perfection emanated quality and aesthetic beyond my expectations.  I am very pleased with Mr. Richard Watson’s work and his willingness to go far beyond the industry standard.  In dealing with Mr. Watson I did not only gain the home of my dreams but I gained a lifetime friend.”

Marino Abreu
Bravo Supermarket


“We had the pleasure of working with Rick Watson and his company when he built our home for us in the year 2000. We chose him as our builder after interviewing a few custom home builders, as he was pleasant, very well organized, and gave us a time frame from the start of building to completion.  The construction of our home was a smooth process and his staff was very helpful and the house was completed on time.  We have been living in our beautiful home for almost ten years now and we have thoroughly enjoyed it.  We are currently in the process of designing our second home with Rick.  We would highly recommend him to anybody who is considering building a custom home in the future.”

Drs. Vasanthy & Chakravarthy Raghavan


“Jodie and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the special efforts made by your construction crews and yourself in building our beautiful home.  It is obvious from the high level of construction and attention to detail that we see throughout our house, that we have a wonderful home to raise our children and live in for years to come.  It has been a pleasure working with you and your staff to the successful completion of our home.  I would be more than willing to recommend your company to any potential customers.”

Bryan W. Crews, Esquire
Crews & Bodiford, P.A.


“I would like to express my appreciation for the experience of buying one of your homes and the pleasure of living in a home of high quality.  While many companies talk about quality and customer satisfaction, most miss the mark.  Your company followed through with great care and dedication from the initial design to after sale continuing support.  You have excellent employees who show sincere concern and dedication to their customers and the reputation of their company…In the year and half that I have lived here, I continue to be even more impressed with my home.  You build excellent quality and beautiful homes that everyone would love and appreciate.  Equally important to your success is your personal sincerity which made doing business with you a genuine pleasure.  Best wishes for your continued success.”

Bobbi Hazard


“When Ken & I first met you in one of your show houses some time ago, little did we know that we would end up living in one of your beautiful homes so soon!  Rick, now that our family has settled in and our new abode is feeling like home, albeit we are still stepping over odd items we have yet to find a place for, we would like to say how delighted we are with the quality and design which first attracted us to the house.   Full advantage was taken of the wonderful views and much thought has gone into the detailing which sets ‘Jonquiere’ apart from all others we have viewed; we couldn’t be happier.  We will have no hesitation in recommending your company to any prospective client and will be only too pleased to show off our home at any time.  With kind regards, “

Gil Eke


“This is just a short note to thank you once again...  The process was very smooth thanks to your help.  Janice and I are enjoying our new home and have had many compliments regarding its design and construction.  Janice and I both feel that we have been the beneficiaries of quality design and construction that appears to be your trademark.  As a personal note, please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you or your family.  Once again, thank you very much for all your professional consideration.”

Robert Duggan, D.P.M.


“Colleen and I would like to express our satisfaction with our ‘J. Richard Watson Home’.  The quality of the construction, the design and the attention to detail make our home one we are extremely proud of!  Friends and family have also commented on the beautiful features and the quality of workmanship, which is evident the moment they enter our home.  We are also pleased with the after sales attention we have received…Mike Watson’s follow-up to our requests has been commendable and no request for service and been denied or overlooked.  We look forward to the continued enjoyment of our new home, and would recommend ‘J. Richard Watson’ to other discerning purchasers.

David K. Sowerby


“Rick, just a note to let you know how pleased I am with my house.  June, was the three-year anniversary, the house still looks new.  I could not be more satisfied with the construction quality…I wish you continued success, and I hope that I have the opportunity to work with you again.  If you ever need a recommendation, please don’t hesitate to call.”

Wayne E. Means
Florida Coca-Cola Bottling Co.


“It is hard to believe that we have been in our home for five years now.  We love it as much as the day we moved in. I want to thank you again for all the extra time and effort you put into the building of our home and dreams.  If there is any way we can help you in the future, please let me know.”

John Hutchinson, PA-C
Clinical Director
Urology Diagnostic Centers, Inc.


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